Even if you have applied for a security position with California Metro Patrol, you may still have some questions about job requirements, the application and hiring process, and other expectations. Get answers about the process with FAQs below.

Yes, CMP security officers and patrol officers will need to complete an extensive background check including including education verification, reference checks, and any criminal history.

CMP does not run a background check until after we have made a contingent job offer (employment is conditional until the background check is successfully completed). Each applicant’s background package and results are reviewed individually. You will also be afforded an opportunity to respond to any question that arises in the background check and any entry on your criminal background report.

Absolutely. California Metro Patrol welcomes military personnel for employment, whether currently serving, veteran, or reserve. We comply with The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). This Act protects the job rights of employees who voluntarily or involuntarily leave their job to undertake military service or certain types of service in the National Disaster Medical System.

We commend pursuing your education goals. The security industry never closes, we are 24/7/365. We'll work with your class schedule to make sure you succeed with your educational goals while providing our customers with the first class security and customer service they know they can depend on.

CMP employs two types of security officers:

  1. Security Officer - our Security Officers do not carry firearms. The Security Officer does wear a CMP uniform and reports activity as any other officer would. Often just the presence of a Security Officer deters people from attempting criminal activity on customer property.
  2. Patrol Officer - our Patrol Officers carry firearms. They carry a Firearms Permit and we certify our Patrol Officers in firearms training quarterly. Patrol Officers must legally posses a firearm and a Firearms Permit by their hire date.

Yes, the starting pay for both positions is dependent on your experience in security or other related industry. Then depending on your success in your position, we award raises as appropriate.

No, you won't be disqualified and your application will not be disregarded. However we do require certain information in order to continue with the initial application process; our online application process also required you to complete certain information before you can continue to the next section.

Whether you apply online or print the application, fill it out and mail it to us, we ask that you make every effort to complete the application fully. This is the best tool we have to fully assess your experience, work history and skill set before we call you for an interview.

If you need to explain anything in your application, please indicate the section and explanation in your email or cover letter.

After we receive your application and depending on your experience and skills, you will be contacted by a CMP executive to continue through the selection process to the Prescreening Interview.

Prescreening Interview determines your general suitability and availability for employment. Your application may be discussed. Feel free to ask questions regarding California Metro Patrol, the job duties and expectations. This interview is designed to establish the "right fit" in matching your skill set to the job position.

After we've determined a face-to-face interview is appropriate, we'll set up an Interview day and time.  The Interview is a Panel format with the same questions being asked of every candidate. Depending on your responses, the Panel may ask follow-up questions for more detail.

As with any interview, do your research and be prepared. Our website is a good place to start for comprehensive information about our Mission and Values; the expectations we set for our customers; the standards we set for our company and employees; and the various security services we offer.

Dress appropriately and professionally. Remember you rarely get a second chance to make a first impression. We expect professionalism in appearance and when you're on duty, you are the face of California Metro Patrol.

Be on time. We expect you to arrive with enough time to get yourself and your gear squared away before you start your shift. Your Interview arrival time should reflect this same mentality.

We want to understand your goals and aspirations; be ready with informed questions if you have any. The Interview is a great opportunity for you to better understand CMP and learn first-hand what the position requires.

If applicable, bring a hard copy of your resumé, references or other documents you may have been asked to present.

Yes, our probationary period is 90 days. During this time, you will be on duty with a Field Training Officer who is responsible to train you in CMP policy and procedures so that you will be able to work on your own.

At California Metro Patrol, we pride ourselves on delivering a customer experience and service that is based on integrity and professionalism. Our security and patrol officers are the "face" of the company. We insist that appearance reflects professionalism and character reflects high integrity.

While uniforms are provided, our employees are expected to maintain an acceptable personal appearance that mirrors the company, the uniform, and appearance standards in our employee handbook.

No. Your guard registration authorizes you to work as security personnel for any private patrol company, such as CMP, or an in-house employer.

You must contact BSIS if you:

  • Move or change your address (within 30 days of address change).
  • Lose your Guard Card, or your card is stolen or damaged. Send your duplicate registration request in writing and the replacement fee. BSIS says it can take 6-8 weeks for the replacement to arrive.
  • Need to Renew your Guard Card. Submit your renewal request and fee to BSIS 60-90 days before the expiration date. You can keep working for up to 90 days.

For more info contact BSIS directly:
Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
2420 Del Paso Road, Suite 270
Sacramento, CA 95834
(916) 322-4000  |  1-(800) 952-5210
FAX (916) 575-7290