CMP Residential and Commercial Security Patrol

Residential and Commercial Patrol Services

California Metro Patrol’s foundational security service is our unparalleled patrol service for residences and commercial properties. We take great pride in serving you and the community. We build our client trust by understanding what your individual security needs are. At California Metro Patrol, we train our officers in safety and security but in making customer care a priority – they possess a level of professionalism that we require in all of our officers and staff.

Our professionalism and dedication to quality extends to our marked California Metro Patrol cars and all of our officers are always in uniform and easily identifiable. They are trained in customer relations, safe patrol techniques, observation, report writing and interacting with other services and agencies. California Metro Patrol also requires officers to go through quarterly firearms training and safety.

The Marked Difference
California Metro Patrol delivers The Marked Difference in security services. We use industry-leading digital tools and our officers do more than “drive bys”:

  • Physically walk your property
  • Engage and deter unusual or suspicious activity
  • Activity reporting including photographs and narratives
  • Rapid transfer of information using digital platform

Rapid Response Program

California Metro Patrol provides a different level of alarm monitoring and response, called our Rapid Response Program. The difference in this alarm monitoring service is that we not only monitor your alarm, but a patrol agent responds to the alarm along with local law enforcement until you cancel the alarm. After you’ve canceled the alarm, CMP notifies the police of the false alarm keeping the police department resource in the field and helping you avert a false alarm fee. If there is no cancelation, CMP is generally the first responder to the incident with law enforcement not long behind. 

Patrol Services Mission

The California Metro Patrol Service’s mission is to achieves a strong physical and visual presence to deter any unlawful activity. We strengthen and raise the level of security and safety of the community we serve.

Patrol Strategy

California Metro Patrol provides a professional patrol service and raises the level of safety awareness within our community. We educate our clients on security updates and local safety issues.

Officer Detail Performance

Our patrol services gives our clients safety, security and visual and physical deterrents. We actually contact our client and/or the safety issue when appropriate.