CMP Security Camera Systems


Security Camera Monitoring and Identification

California Metro Patrol, in partnership with San Marino Security Systems (ACO 2644), is dedicated to providing Layers of Security that help our clients stay safe and keep an eye on things that matter. While alarm systems provide a certain level security, we rely on reliable and secure Surveillance Systems to add another layer to your safety. Alarm systems notify us; surveillance cameras aid in identification and prosecution of perpetrators.

Obviously, security cameras may prevent intrusion, theft or injury, but they can bring to light other unexpected activity on your property as well.  Surveillance equipment is your way to keep an eye on vandalism, mail theft (leading to identity theft); medical or fire incidents.

Wired Security Cameras

We offer traditional, wired security cameras that record footage wherever they are placed in or around your home or business. These cameras are wired to the system recording the video (for instance a DVR or network video recorder – NVR). These security cameras don’t use WiFi and usually need to  be connected to the internet (via ethernet cable) for viewing footage remotely.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras are popular because they are controlled via an app, making this type of camera a “smart system.” This makes keeping an eye on your property convenient when you’re off your property. These systems may not be entirely wireless as they need to be plugged into a source of power (AC and power cable). Some wireless cameras use batteries.

Videofied Security Cameras

CMP also offers a different security camera system that is truly wireless, cordless, and weatherproof. The Videofied camera system communicates over cell networks or a Yagi antenna kit (in extremely remote areas), so even a WiFi connection isn’t necessary. It uses passive infrared sensor (PIR) technology so the camera won’t activate with weather changes. More importantly, Videofied systems provide instant verification to CMP’s dispatcher, enabling a quicker response time to your camera’s location.

Videofied: Wiressless, Cordless, Weatherproof Security Camera



Surveillance Systems Mission

Camera surveillance systems add another Layer of Security to your home or business. California Metro Patrol educates our clients on the security benefit of monitoring and identification.

Surveillance Systems Strategy

In order to provide a comprehensive security service, we’ve built strong relationships with trusted area surveillance system providers. California Metro Patrol, in partnership with the expertise of  San Marino Security Systems, provides our clients a sophisticated and seamless purchase, installation and reporting process.  

Surveillance Systems Performance

  • Types of cameras
  • Recommended placements
  • Best camera mounting placements
  • Motion detection sensors and/or lights
  • Saved video clips; watch surveillance camera in real time.
  • Best type of connectivity
  • Battery or solar powered