CMP Officer Detail - Commercial Security

Professional Security Officers

California Metro Patrol’s armed and unarmed security officers maintain a high standard and work ethic at all times. Our rigorous hiring process screens for only certified officers with high integrity and willingness to go the extra mile. Our officers possess professionalism, self-motivation and receive appropriate training in security and safety standards and customer and client relations.

The California Metro Patrol management team and officers are in constant communication telephonically and digitally. Should you need a higher level of security, our armed officers receive firearms safety and training and are further trained in handling threat assessment professionally. California Metro Patrol armed and unarmed officers are a foundational and valuable Layer of Security we offer.


Officer Detail Mission

California Metro Patrol security officers provide our clients excellence in safety, security and peace of mind with respect and professionalism.  

Officer Detail Strategy

Officers prioritize customer care along with client safety and security. California Metro Patrol hires and trains officers whose professionalism and expertise fit job requirements. 

Officer Detail Performance

  • Ingress/Egress Monitoring
  • Loss Prevention
  • Business Foot Patrol
  • Special Events Security
  • Restaurant and Hospitality Security
  • Production Security


“California Metro Patrol officers always fit your security needs, Guaranteed.”