CMP Special OperationsSecured Versatility

California Metro Patrol proactively meets each of our clients’ individual needs and concerns. Unlike other security services or DIY security kits, we recommend targeted security solutions tailored to our clients. We take pride in offering versatility and adaptability while maintaining the highest level of security.

California Metro Patrol “Special Operations” is any security service that falls outside of the usual security request. This ranges from special event security (large venues to private parties); executive and dignitary personal protection; security transports or private investigations and background investigations.

We remain dedicated to customizing security solutions for our clients’ unique needs and situations – minimizing risk and maximizing safety. 

Special Operations Mission

California Metro Patrol is committed to provide versatile services while maintaining maximum client security and professional integrity. 

Special Operations Strategy

By staying at the forefront of security techniques and technology, we evolve to meet our clients’ unique needs in today’s dynamic world. We select and hire qualified professionals who are trained to handle a wide range of security assignments.  

Special Operations Performance

  • Special Event Security 
  • Private Investigations 
  • Executive Protection
  • Security Transports (marked and unmarked vehicles) 
  • Swift Response Operations (Government Requirements)