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The Importance of Warehouse Security

An important aspect of commercial business security is warehouse security. Companies depend on storage of inventories of goods that represent a valuable asset to those businesses. Breaches in security will definitely cause financial loss as well as emotional and mental strain on employees and owners.

Security warehouses can be complicated simply because warehouses tend to be large facilities. They are often “zoned” with goods in different areas and/or specific access controls. Warehouses tend to be busy buildings with lots of inventory, lots of people throughout the day and night. While keeping warehouses secure presents a challenge effective security is not impossible.

Installing a professional security system and having security services in place helps protect your employees and keeps them safe, as well as keeps your inventory and property secure.

1. Uniformed Security Officers

Having proactive and skilled uniformed security officers helps make your employees feel safe and can help productivity. If your warehouse runs 24 hours, security guards often increase employee morale regarding safety during night time hours. Security guards act as deterrents and are vital in preventing external or internal theft while the uniforms provide a visual deterrent to those with any criminal intent.

Security guards are also trained to respond in emergency situations. They can render aid to employees as well as provide assistant to first responders.

2. Video Surveillance Cameras

Well-placed video surveillance cameras are an essential aspect of warehouse security. Cameras and video provide a record of activity which can be retrieved at any time as well as stored for a specified amount of time. With a remote system, business owners and managers can monitor the video system from wherever they are in real time. 

Consider installing a video surveillance security system that gives you:

  • Good quality real-time recording in multiple areas
  • Remote monitoring
  • Quick retrieval of the video footage
  • Simultaneous recording and playback
  • Archiving and adequate storage
  • Integration with other security systems

Cameras should be situated both inside and outside the warehouse. They should be installed in areas with enough required lighting. Motion sensor lighting can help ensure that there is good lighting when needed.

3. Alarm System

One of the most valuable parts of a warehouse security system is an alarm system with alarm monitoring. Remote monitoring with the video surveillance system provides not only an alert something is happening, but video of the situation as well.  Your alarm system will depend on the size of your warehouse, whether you have zones, and the types of access within the premises. 

Some alarm solutions may integrate with other system components (fire, smoke, gas, chemicals, etc.) as well.

4. Motion Sensors

Motion sensors plays a significant role in an effective alarm system. Motion-activated lighting is common in warehouses but motion detection alarms can send alerts to your security company and/or to law enforcement in case of unauthorized entry to the warehouse or a zone.

While security companies will recommend the above four features as compulsory for a warehouse, the security considerations below are important to implement as well.

1. Sturdy Building Structure

Periodically check your building structure as well as the environment around it – are there any repairs that need to be made? Remove debris and unnecessary items to remove hiding places and create clear lines of vision.

2. Good Lighting

Provide good lighting inside and outside the warehouse. Makes sure all entrances and exits, gates, loading docks, external storage areas, parking lots, fence lines and the property perimeter are well-lit. Replace lights that are burned out or damaged.

3. Fencing

Fencing around a warehouse is an excellent first line of security. It creates protection for your employees while deterring potential crime. Maintain your property fencing if you have it. If you don’t have or cannot install fencing, implement procedures to document who enters your property. Professionally installed access control systems can be very sophisticated and effective for documenting unlawful entry. Often these systems can be integrated into other security systems for layers of effective security.

4. Access Control System

Access control systems monitors who comes and goes. For employees, maybe it’s a lock and key or an assigned key code. Professionally installed systems can employ a fob, ID badge, or some biometric such as face scanning or fingerprint. These systems help maintain a level of security as even a lost fob or a key code can be canceled quickly.

5. Implement a Sign-In Process

If your warehouse is busy, monitoring visitors and deliveries with a sign-in log is an easy way to keep track of activities. 

If people come and go in your warehouse all day, it will help to keep a close eye on what’s going on by using a sign-in book or log. Especially if your employees access the building through a security system, requiring non-employees to sign in before allowing them access is a safe practice. This also makes it easier to track who is in your warehouse in case of emergency.

6. Cyber Security

Chances are you keep track of inventory in your warehouse with computer equipment. Protecting that data, as well as your warehouse security extends to the digital world. Today’s network and cyber security breaches are sophisticated and devastating. Take measure to protect your warehouse data by securing your network and computer systems.

How CMP Can Help Secure Your Warehouse

As with any business or home, criminals will choose an easier and less protected target rather than risk entering one that’s well-protected. The risk of loss from a warehouse break-in is great but consulting with California Metro Patrol and a comprehensive security system can help you avoid that risk. 

With just a quick click, request a no-obligation quote today or you can call us at 888-788-0813. We look forward to keeping your warehouse and business secure.


Security doesn’t just happen: plan ahead!

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