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Sneaky Places to Hide Your Keys and Outwit Thieves
We’re pretty sure, if you’re like everyone, you’ve locked yourself out of your home, apartment, or office at some point. For whatever reason you find yourself in this situation, it could be a good idea to hide a spare key somewhere only you and your family know. Because a key “hidden” under a potted plant is not sneaky, but a key hidden in these places will help you outwit most thieves, we found 16 creative places to hide your spare key.
Hide Key: Bird House
1. Bird House

Hide keys in trees that aren’t too close to the front, preferably out of site from the street. Make sure to stuff the house (newspapers work) or put in a little mesh at the bird house door so birds don’t settle in.


Hide Key: Cat Litter Bin

2. Cat Litter Bin

If you can access your garage without a key, hide spare keys and/or money or other emergency items inside a bin of cat litter.



Drain Cover PartsHide Key: Drain Cover

3. Drain Cover

Attach a drain cover to a small container and then bury it where a drain would logically appear. A hot glue gun is handy here. If the container is large enough, you can also store emergency items.


Hide Key: Dryer Vent and Magnet4. Dryer Vent

If your dryer vent has iron in it, this will work. Again, hot glue works here – glue a small magnet to your key and pop it into your dryer vent. Aluminum, brass, copper, and zinc, do not attract magnets.


Hide Key: Fake Plants

5. Fake Real-Looking Plants

With succulents being popular these days, you can find real-looking potted plastic succulents in many craft stores. Making a decorative planter is a crafty way to hide your key.


Hide Key: Hornets Nest6. Hornet’s Nest

Another crafty way to hide a key is putting a fake hornet’s nest in a corner of your house. Whether they’re made out of paper mâché or craft foam, they not only hide your key, but can deter wasps and other pests as well. The caveat here is getting up to the nest to retrieve your key.

This method is a little involved so here are two links to instructions: How to paper mâché and make a Craft foam nest (CrazyClever).

Hide Key: License Plate7. License Plate

You’ll generally have your car so hide your key behind it. Make sure your key has a hole that will accommodate the size of the license plate screw. Place your key behind the screw hole and screw your license plate and key in place. Remember to remove your key if you sell your car!


Hide Key: Neighbor8. Neighbor

Exchanging keys with a trusted neighbor is a great way to keep your house key safe. You can also, use any of these methods to hide each other’s keys so you won’t need to bother each other if either of you gets locked out.


Hide Key: Plastic Dog Poop9. Plastic Dog Poop

Burglars definitely won’t touch this hiding spot! Prank fake poop is available in novelty stores or online, or make it yourself with a lump of hot glue and brown paint. Attach this to an empty container and bury it up to the cover.


10. Rain Drain 

Similar to the dryer vent, you can use this method if your rain drain has iron in it. Many apartment buildings may not have dryer vents, but if they have gutters and rain drains, this method is effective.


Hide Key: Rock Clump11. Rock Clump

This is a great method if you have rock borders around your property. Attach a little clump of rocks that look like the rest of the border and hide your key.



Hide Key: Rock Decor Painted Rock12. Rock Decoration

Another idea for multi-living units. While we don’t recommend hiding your key under a potted plant or near your door, if there are plants elsewhere, a painted rock adds decor while hiding your key. We would suggest placing several painted rocks in the area to make your key rock less conspicuous.


Hide Key: Rock With Plants13. Rock With Plants

Hiding your key under a rock container can be effective in a rock garden.




Hide Key: Socket14. Socket

This is another DIY disguising real yard items. This method is especially do-able if you own your own home or business building. It takes a little work, but installing a fake socket box to a building wall provides a good hiding place.


Hide Keys: nozzle head with container

15. Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

This is another variant to attaching a fake typical yard item to a container. You can buy just the sprinkler head and attach it to a container like the rocks or drain cover. Ready-made commercial sprinkler containers are also available.


Hide Key: Shut Off Valve
Hide Key: Sprinkler Head Kit






Hide Key: Thermometer16. Thermometers

Thermometers around your property is a normal thing and you can hide a spare key behind it. Depending on the thermometer, you can glue a magnet to your key and put it behind the thermometer; if you hang your thermometer on a hook, place your key on the hook and them place the thermometer over it.

Don’t Make It Easy To Find Your Key

We recommend hiding your key at least fifteen feet away from your door and not within public view. Even if these seem like secure places to hide your keys, change your key hiding place now and then. Make sure it’s not visible and keep it unpredictable. If you have a genius key hiding spot, let us know and we’ll add it to our list!

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Keep a spare key in a creative hiding place and you won’t need to call an expensive locksmith service again.

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