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Preparing Your Home for Vacation
Planning a vacation is exciting and you probably already have a packing list. Make sure your home is ready for your vacation too – add our ultimate Vacation Security Checklist to your to-do lists. Then enjoy your vacation knowing your home is safe and secure.
Vacation Security Checklist PDFMost of the to-dos on this checklist are things you can do right away; some items may require a little investment and forethought if you don’t already have a security system or camera and video monitoring. By planning ahead and taking action now, you can have a great security system by the time you leave on vacation.

Click here to print a PDF version of the CMP Vacation Security Checklist. There are blank rows at the end for you to add your specific needs.

The Vacation Security Checklist will help you keep organized as you prepare to leave. Here’s an overview for safety:

Keep Up Appearances

  • Tidy up your front yard and driveway
  • Schedule a hold on your mail, newspapers, water deliveries, etc.
  • Schedule lights and TV with automatic timers
  • If you’ll be away during your trash pick up, ask a trusted neighbor to put them out and take them in while you’re away

Prepare Your Home

  • Make arrangements for your pets
  • Take out any perishable food items
  • Turn off large appliances and unplug small appliances not in use
  • Set your thermostat to temperatures close to outside; keep in mind any indoor plants
  • Empty your trash cans
  • Don’t leave large trash and recycling bins at the curb; ask a neighbor to bring them in for you
  • If you’ll be away for an extended time, shut off gas and water to prevent leaks or fires

Keep Your Home Secure

  • Notify your security company you’ll be away
  • Collect all your spare keys
  • Ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your property
  • Notify someone you trust of your itinerary and again when you return
  • Make sure to lock your doors and windows on all floors; gates, storage areas, garage
  • Double check that your motion sensor lights, alarms and other security systems you have in place are in good order
  • Arm your security system when you leave

Your Security

  • Set up an ICE – In Case of Emergency – contact
  • Store your valuables, important documents, and fire arms
  • AdviseĀ  your financial institutions you’ll be traveling
  • Limit social media posts announcing your travel plans
  • Don’t include your address on your luggage tag; use your phone number

Schedule a CMP Vacation Watch

If you are a current California Metro Patrol customer (home or business), you qualify for our Vacation Watch Program.

We add another layer to security while you’re away by doing specials check on your home or business. We need to know the dates of your departure and arrival back in town and any specifics about your property or home. This service includes complimentary:

  • Perimeter checks of the property (drive or foot patrol)
  • Gate lock checks
  • Securing your package deliveries
  • Securing your mail and publications
  • Other special requests

Our security officers deliver The Marked Difference by making sure the service we provide gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy your time off. You must be a current California Metro Patrol customer to qualify! You can fill out the Vacation Watch Request and send it to us online:

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