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Layers of Security

At California Metro Patrol, we set our security services apart with our Layered Security philosophy. Layered Security plays a critical role in how we manage and provide security – from alarm systems to patrol services. It goes without saying that crime may happen, but CMP clients enjoy the appropriate Layered Security services to minimize risk and maximize safety at their home or workplace.

The cornerstone of Layered Security is employing multiple security tools to give our clients the greatest level of safety. Should that safety be breached, Layered Security provides for monitoring and response, as well as electronic footage and documentation.

Visual Deterrent

Drive through any neighborhood and you’re likely to see a variety of security company signs. Studies show that legitimate security company signs can be helpful in deterring some burglars. We provide our clients with discreet curb signage increasing crime prevention of their home or business.

Easy Identification

Another aspect of visual deterrents are our uniformed security officers and marked security vehicles. The CMP name and logos on uniforms and vehicles make our officers easily identifiable to both our clients and anyone who is in the area. We take pride in the experience and expertise we provide and this extends to our professional appearance.

Keeping an Eye on Everything

Obviously, security cameras may prevent burglary, break-ins or other crimes. They can also reveal other unexpected activity on your property as well. Surveillance equipment is your way to keep an eye on vandalism, mail theft (leading to identity theft); medical or fire incidents. Security cameras provide other benefits such as visual documentation of any incidents; aiding law enforcement in identification; and discounted insurance premiums, depending on your carrier.

Deter Crime with an Alarm

Installing a quality alarm system that monitors your home is an integral component of Layered Security many families and businesses overlook until an unfortunate incident happens. As a general rule, alarm systems and alarm monitoring are vital in increasing security.

By customizing a security system to suit your needs, you give yourself around-the-clock safety and protection. Once an alarm goes off, the sound alone will prevent further action or intrusion and scare away thieves. Those few seconds of warning give you an edge in preventing property loss and dispatching help.

Trusted Comprehensive Security Service

Beside crime, robust security systems can also alert you to power outages, floods, fires or other activity. Starting at the perimeter of your property, using our layered approach to security helps ensure that you won’t be come a crime statistic. You’re less likely to endure the sense of violation or deal with financial loss or personal injury a burglary or other crime can cause.

To achieve our Layered Security, California Metro Patrol partners with top industry alarm system and alarm monitoring companies. We work directly with specific trusted companies  because our clients rely on accurate alarm activation, monitoring and response. And our quick response time to an activated burglary alarm is crucial to our clients’ safety.

Let’s discuss how Layered Security can reduce the potential for crime and increase your security and peace of mind. We’re here to help!

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