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What holiday movie marathon would be complete without watching, “Home Alone”? In 1990, a fun-filled family movie about Kevin McCallister became an instant holiday classic. Left to his own devices when the family leaves on vacation without him, Kevin uses ingenious and often hilarious methods to protect his home by outwitting a couple of hapless burglars. Not that we suggest booby trapping your home with swinging paint cans, red-hot door knobs, and icy stairs, but there are several lessons we can learn about home security in the real world.
A Security System Deters Burglars

The McCallister’s stately home not only doesn’t have a security system, Mr. McCallister admits this to Harry (Joe Pesci), essentially giving Harry an open invitation.

Various studies have found that universally, burglars will avoid homes with a security system. Visible signage and cameras are good indicators to criminals that your home is not the place to break into.

A Security Alarms Scare Off Offenders

Kevin scares off Harry, Marv (Daniel Stern), and the pizza man playing the “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal,” clip from the movie scene, but that’s not going to cut it in real life.

Security alarms are proven to deter burglars because they are startling and draw attention. When a monitored alarm goes off, an alert is dispatched to the security response company and the local police department, increasing the burglar’s chances of getting caught.

Outdoor Lighting Discourages Intruders

The McCallister’s put up festive lighting which helps light up their house and property. But what about the rest of the year?

Outdoor security lights discourage potential intruders from targeting your home because they can be identified and/or easily seen. Security companies will help you strategically place your lighting, whether on a timer or motion-detection, to ensure your home is well-lit and all the vulnerable areas are illuminated.

Pretend You’re at Home with Indoor Lights

Kevin has a pretend party with mannequins and music making it seem like the house if full of people. It’s a big production for daily living.

Setting lights on timers in parts of your house or typically occupied rooms give your home a lived in look from the street. If burglars think you’re home, they’re more likely move on.

Keep an Eye on Your Home with Remote Monitoring

After they realized Kevin was not with them in Paris, the McCallisters could have seen he was safe at home even alone, with a camera and remote monitoring system.

Should intruders break in regardless of your locks and security alarm, a surveillance camera allows you to see what’s going on while you’re away. If your alarm has gone off, with a monitoring and response system, be assured that a security officer and/or local police department are en route to your home.

Security Sensors for Windows and Doors

Kevin puts glass ornaments in front of the window Marv breaks into – but in real life, the person breaking in will probably be wearing shoes.

Installing window sensors and door sensors (especially to screen doors or back doors) that, when breached, will trigger an alarm is more realistic.

Keep Your Itinerary to Yourself

Other than trusted friends, neighbors, and relatives, giving out information like this could be another invitation to crime.

Have your mail and publications held so that everything looks normal while you’re away. The temptation is high, but be prudent on your social media platforms as well. Savvy burglars can mine data about your location and exploit the fact that you’re not home.

Ask for Credentials and ID

Although the McCallister’s house was a circus before they left for Paris, they didn’t verify strangers going in or out of their house.

Being too open with strangers could lead to unintended problems. Avoid sharing details about your plans and even your home security system.

Be a Good Neighbor

Keeping an eye on your neighbors and reporting strange activity can benefit you as well. When burglars seem like they’re targeting one house, they could also be taking note of others around it.

What Next?

California Metro Patrol is committed to your security and your family’s safety. We believe that the presence of marked patrol vehicles on your street deters crime from your home and neighborhood. Criminals will choose an easier target rather than risk entering a home protected by cameras and alarms.

Let’s discuss your home security options; request a no-obligation quote today. Or call us at 888-788-0813.

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Hey, ya filthy animals, didja know? The movie in the movie isn’t real.
The gangster film Kevin takes inspiration from, “Angels With Filthy Souls” is a nod to James Cagney’s “Angels With Dirty Faces.” It was  especially for the film so Kevin could put a tape in the VHS player.

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