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Burbank Police 2021 “Etch and Catch”

From April – June 2021, the Burbank Police Department partnered with local automotive shops to offer their “Etch and Catch” program. The program was designed to deter thefts and track stolen catalytic converters. The Burbank Police Department’s Facebook page notes that they are planning to relaunch the program again.
During the “Etch and Catch” program people who lived or worked in Burbank were able to visit specific participating automotive repair shops to have their license plate number etched onto the vehicle’s catalytic converter, free of charge. Community members contacted the designated automotive shops and mentioned the “Etch and Catch” program to have their catalytic converter etched.

Last year, the automotive shops who participated in the “Etch and Catch” program were:

  • Formula Automotive Group 416 S. Glenoaks Bl.  818-242-2143
  • Burbank Auto Tech and Brake Repair 533 S. Glenoaks Bl.  818-567-2275
  • Universal Service Station 2005 N. Glenoaks Bl.  310-913-6955
  • Precision Motorsports 1411 W. Burbank Bl. 818-558-7401
  • Xpert Auto Repair 3120 W. Magnolia Bl.  818-557-0204
  • Burbank Auto Doctor 1619 W. Magnolia Bl.  818-558-7755
  • Star Auto Center 3025 W. Olive Av. 818-859-7911
  • Arts Auto Care 605 S. Victory Bl. 818-848-3163*

(*According to a recent comment on the Burbank Police Department’s Facebook page, a user found that Arts Auto Care was still currently etching catalytic converters as of January, 27, 2022.)

Burbank Catalytic Converter Anti-TheftCatalytic Converter Anti-Theft Tips

There are security systems you can put in place to deter burglars in general, but the Burbank Police Department recommends doing some specific things to prevent catalytic converter theft:

  • Park in a secured garage or in a well-lit area with surveillance cameras and/or where the vehicle will be seen by the street or passersby.
  • Install motion-detection lights to illuminate your driveway, especially if used for parking.
  • Consider adding security cameras to oversee driveway and on-street parking areas.
  • Consider installing catalytic converter anti-theft devices and decide if this is right for you.
  • If you hear strange noises during the night, such as power tools or sawing, call the police: Burbank (818) 238-3000, Pasadena (626) 744-4241.
  • If you see a vehicle driving suspiciously slow through your neighborhood or stopped in the middle of the street alongside a parked vehicle, call the police: Burbank (818) 238-3000, Pasadena (626) 744-4241.
  • When the Etch and Catch program is operating again, make an appointment to have your license plate number engraved on your catalytic converter at one of the above listed “Etch and Catch” program locations.

The Top 10 High Risk Vehicles for Catalytic Converter Theft:

  1. Toyota Prius
  2. Ford F250
  3. Honda Element
  4. Ford F350
  5. Honda Accord
  6. Ford Econoline
  7. Jeep Grand Cherokee
  8. Chevrolet Express
  9. Chevrolet Astro Van
  10. Ford Excursion

Learn more about the Burbank Police Department‘s “Etch and Catch” program here. Check back for news about the next round of Burbank PD’s “Etch and Catch” program.

Burbank Police Department, 818-238-3000
Pasadena Police Department, 626-744-4241.

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