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5 Reasons to Consider Business Security

Property management and business security are critical to your business success and growth. For many businesses, a good security system is lower on the priority list and often, an afterthought when hindsight is 20/20 and a burglary or theft has occurred. 

A good security system can be the difference in your company’s continued success or ruin.

As with home burglaries, criminals looks for similar victim profiles in commercial burglaries: quiet, dark properties with easy access; no alarm or security system visible, perhaps valuables in plain view. Maybe it’s not burglary, but properties can fall victim to other crime such as damage and vandalism.

Here are 5 reasons to consider installing a commercial security system.

1. Building and Environmental Security

Depending on your business, your property may not have walls, a fence, or a gate that protects your property. This leaves your building vulnerable to criminal activity, whether, theft, burglary or trespassing and vandalism.

2. Parking Lot Safety

Parking lots and parking structures should be well-lit, but they are still areas where crime happens – from vehicle break-ins, vehicle theft, vandalism, robbery and worse. There are certain times when crime in parking lots is higher, but the nature of being vulnerable as you enter or exit your car raises the risk of crime in parking lots.

3. Loitering and Panhandling

Though Covid-19 has resulted in fewer people loitering and panhandling, sometimes, this activity can lead to more general types of misdemeanor crime such as property damage or vandalism. This doesn’t mean however that these lesser crimes aren’t a gateway to burglary or break-ins.

4. Vandalism

 Vandalism and damage like graffiti does create additional and unnecessary cost while decreasing property value and perception of safety. Parking lots, storage and trash receptacle areas are typical areas for vandalism making it a challenge to keep customers, cars, and property safe.

5. 24-Hour or Varied Work Hours

Businesses that operate 24-hours around the clock or have varied shifts coming and going can pose different risks in security. At high priority is employee’s personal safety getting to and from their cars at night. Generally, night shifts employ fewer workers or just one person, making them more susceptible to theft or break in or other crime

Warehouses, especially those that operate around the clock have some different and challenging security issues. Not only are warehouses typically very large buildings, but they have huge inventories and often have zones of access. Click here to learn about the importance of warehouse security.

Don’t make commercial security an afterthought – improving your business security is easier than you think. Start with a Security Plan. A consultation with a well-established security firm can develop an effective security plan to fit your budget and business needs. A good security company will also develop a plan to grow with your business.

1. Perimeter Security

Security really begins at the beginning of your property, including your parking lot, storage and trash areas, and sidewalks. Perimeter security measures include property lighting and curb signage. Fencing may be a consideration though there is a balance of being secure and being inviting and appealing to your customers.

Keep your driveways, sidewalks and side areas clean and clear of debris. Keep trash areas clean, especially if your dumpsters are prone to rummaging. Maintain any landscaping and avoid tall shrubs from blocking windows.

2. Proper Lighting

Starting at the perimeter, your business should have well-placed good lighting. Illuminating areas where people could hide as well as areas where crime could occur are important. Motion sensor lighting is helpful in that it can startle an intruder who is expecting the area to stay dark, and the sudden light can alert people to the activity. Lighting inside your business is a deterrent as it reveals movement in your business when there shouldn’t be. Again, using motion detection lighting especially around internal cameras is a plus.

3. Cameras and Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Surveillance cameras give you both a visual deterrent (while still being tasteful in appearance) and documentation of any incidents or crime. A comprehensive security system using cameras with video and an alarm monitoring system will provide footage the intrusion and alert you, your security company and/or law enforcement.

For the hours you aren’t at your business, security cameras are your eyes. And one of the best reasons to have video surveillance is to provide law enforcement with images they need to catch whoever is responsible for damaging property or burglarizing your business.

4. Alarm Monitoring Systems

Although there are many options on the market, for commercial and property security, a professional security company that monitors your alarm system and alerts law enforcement if there is a breach is worth the investment. 

California Metro Patrol provides alarm monitoring and response, called our Rapid Response Program. The difference in this service is that the company not only monitors your alarm, but a patrol agent responds to the alarm along with local law enforcement until the client cancels the alarm; at that point, CMP notifies the police of the false alarm. If there is no cancelation, CMP is generally the first responder with law enforcement not long behind. 

5. Closing Routine

Creating a Closing Checklist is helpful to any business, big or small. While the tasks may differ from an office to a restaurant to a construction company, a Closing Checklist ensures everything is locked up and safety stored – regardless of who is the last to leave. It’s critical that  whether it’s the business owner or a new employee, the procedure is followed and is exactly the same.

6. Reassess, Evaluate and Test

Periodically, reassess your security plan and security system. When your business grows, your security system will probably need to grow with it. If you start with a basic system, it could be time for an upgrade. 

Testing your system every quarter or so is always a good routine to have for both your perimeter security and your building security. This way, you can address any maintenance issues or replace anything that needs to be replaced.

Business Security Systems with CMP

Having a professional security system installed that fits your business needs and growth requires thoughtful planning, the right equipment, and the right service. California Metro Patrol tailors a Layered Security Systems to your business requirements.

 Request a no-obligation quote today and ask about our Alarm Rapid Response Program or call us at 888-788-0813. We look forward to helping you keep your home a sanctuary and your business secure.


When you protect your business, chances are crime and other problems will go elsewhere. 

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