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How Security Guards Can Help You

Uniformed security officers on-site or on patrol provide both physical and visual deterrents to potential crime. Security agents in your Layered Security plan add a valuable key to your home or business security solution. We work with customers to help create a security with the most cost effective elements possible. Some of our customers opt for random patrols and some opt for standing security officers but all experience a higher level of safety.

So, Just What Does a Security Guard Do?

Generally, California Metro Patrol security guards:

  • Protect property
  • Patrol areas and perform security checks
  • Perform Vacation Watch checks
  • Monitor alarms and surveillance systems
  • Monitor radio and respond to alarms and other security calls
  • Control access to buildings; ensure safety of employees, visitors and the public
  • Enforce company rules and policies
  • Monitor entrance and exit of company employees and visitors
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Write incident reports; record activity

Our security guards provide concierge-level of security service. Along with this security, customer service is an aspect that makes a difference with CMP customers. Here are some reasons why having trained uniformed security professionals gives your plan added benefit.

Security Guards and Integrated Security Systems

Depending on your home or business, security equipment and technology by itself may not provide the comprehensive level of security and safety you require. Often with businesses, the environment may change around you: more commercial or mixed-use building development can mean more foot and vehicle traffic. Large seasonal events in Pasadena means a larger non-residential population in the city. In residential areas, zoning may change and multiple living complexes replace smaller units.

Security systems need to grow with the changing environment, especially if the technological equipment alone no longer provides the level of safety you need. Consider upgrading your security system by adding security patrol officers.

Physical Presence and Deterrence

An immediate and significant benefit of uniformed security officers is physical presence: they create both a visual deterrent and a physical deterrent to crime. Their presence lets everyone know that someone is watching and observing. Even if you have a surveillance camera system and prominent curb signage, a criminal has no guarantee that the camera isn’t a decoy. They also can’t tell if you have a monitoring and alarm response system or if the camera is simply recording activity.

Marked security patrol units in your neighborhood serve as deterrents to crime as well and fast response to alarms provide better protection to your business or home. Random security patrols ensure that anyone intent on criminal acts can count on avoiding your property.

On-Site Security Management

A security officer at your business, monitoring your building or home who is on the scene observes and reports and can intervene in incidents that require it (escorting trespassers away, for instance). Because security officers are professional trained in security operations, they are calm and composed during stressful situations. Security officers may also provide operational support for your company. They are also trained to coordinate, communicate, and assist local law enforcement and other emergency response agencies. Security officers are trained to relay important information to first responders to assure effective incident resolutions.

Alarm Monitoring And Response

Think about investing in a security system with alarm monitoring and response. The Response element makes a difference in your security plan. Not every security company responds to the alarm alert; often the local law enforcement agency will respond. If you have a DIY-type of security system in place, it generally means your alarm will alert law enforcement or you will need to respond yourself. Alarm monitoring and response system alert the security company and a security officer responds.

First Aid

Some security officers are trained in CPR and First Aid. If necessary, these security guards can render critical first aid until paramedics arrive.

Administrative Support

In some situations, security officers handle certain administrative duties such as:

  • Front Desk Management/Guest Services: telephone assistance, monitoring sign-in and out logs, receiving mail and packages, escorting employees to their cars, especially at night
  • Liaison: act as the point of contact between your company and the security company, law enforcement and other emergency services

Add Security Guards to Your Security Plan

Similar to the presence of police officers, the uniformed security officer provides both a physical and visual deterrence to potential crimes and provides a measure of safe morale for those in the area. California Metro Patrol and its security agents work closely with the Pasadena Police Department and the area Los Angeles Sheriff Department stations to provide our community and our clients greater security.

Layers of Security that include security technology and equipment, as well as property and environmental security, along with security personnel working synergistically can provide a well-rounded effective security plan.

California Metro Patrol delivers Layered Security, a concept of security that begins with a strong foundation and builds on that by providing tailored, concierge security services. A comprehensive and cohesive strategy that includes standing security officers and/or a patrol unit may give you the Layers of Security you require.

Click to request a no-obligation quote today or you call us at 888-788-0813. We’ll help you create an integrated security plan that is customized to your unique needs.


The presence of a uniformed security agent adds physical and visual deterrence, while giving a sense of security to employees, visitors, and customers: there’s no substitution for human interaction

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