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Videofied: Wireless, Cordless, Weatherproof  Security Camera
One of the assets California Metro Patrol offers customers is called the Videofied camera system. The Videofied camera is different from other security cameras because it’s wireless, cordless, and weatherproof. This means while it is an excellent system for all interiors and customary placements, Videofied is an exceptional option for a variety of outdoor environments that are large, remote, or isolated.

The Videofied surveillance system is alarm monitoring that, when the camera’s motion sensor trips, the system sends a short video clip along with the alarm notification to the dispatcher for review. The video provides more information and instant verification to CMP’s dispatcher and enables a quicker security response. 

What Are the Benefits of Videofied Cameras?

  • Wireless and runs on batteries. This makes installation possible almost anywhere with cellular reception. It’s ideal for isolated sites, construction sites, or vacant properties. The system communicates over cell networks (or a wired Ethernet connection), or for very remote areas, a Yagi antenna kit.
  • Weatherproof. The system’s passive infrared sensor (PIR) uses an advance technology that, except in extreme weather, doesn’t trip on lightening, rain, or snow.
  • Continuous cordless transmission. Without cords, the wireless technology will continue to transmit video even if the camera is removed or stolen.
  • Does not affect WiFi. Videofied cameras and panels use 900MHz radio waves, which does not affect WiFi networks; the frequency is unrelated to WiFi frequencies. Communication files are small, so they will not affect WiFi performance either.
  • Versatile. Easily integrates with current system to upgrade and enhance existing security measures. Use as a standalone security system complete with keypads, alarms, security contacts, and other peripherals.

Where Can Videofied Cameras Be Installed?

Videofied can be used for a residential or commercial security system. The wireless cameras can be installed nearly anywhere in any environment – indoors or outdoors, local or remote properties, isolated areas, large or small properties. 

Some Applications of Videofied Security Cameras:

  • Inside or outside any home or business
  • Backyards and large acreage
  • Vacant homes and other properties or lots
  • Special events tents and detached venues
  • Business rooftop HVAC (and rooftops in general)
  • Construction sites and storage areas
  • Vehicle dealerships
  • Fleet and vehicle lots and inventories
  • Heavy equipment storage and yards
  • Fenced lots, parking lots
  • Nursery properties
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial properties, cells sites and towers, and substations
  • Courtyards, parks and other common living areas
  • Park and recreations areas
  • Schools
  • Stables
  • Remote facilities

Videofied Wireless CameraWireless Videofied Camera Security

Security camera systems are just one aspect of Layered Security. The Videofied wireless camera system is a powerful tool in our security offerings and is especially useful where there is no power source, where you need cameras to be inconspicuous, or where your security needs are remote and not well-traveled.

Whether you’d like to learn more about the Videofied system or you’re interested in a possible upgrade to your current security camera, give us a call today at 888-788-0813. You can always request a no-obligation quote today too.

We look forward to helping your find the safest and most effective security system for your home or business.


Wireless Videofied cameras are perfect for interior and exterior, residential and commercial applications, especially when securing isolated sites and property in harsh environments.


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