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2022 Home Security New Year Resolutions
The new year is alway a time of motivation and determination to make some changes. This year, California Metro Patrol encourages you to consider some new year resolutions to improve your home security. While most common resolutions involve a strong will like exercising more, eating better, or quitting a bad habit, home security resolutions that protect your family and home will probably be easier to keep.
1. Arm the Alarm
Kudos to you if you already have a security alarm system in your home. Remember, it’s only effective if you set the alarm. Even if you’re only going to run a short errand, set the alarm when you leave. If you have an alarm system that can be monitored and armed or disarmed via your smartphone, you can monitor your security at any time.
2. Consider Upgrading Your Security System

Not only are criminals smarter, but security technology is too. Evaluate your current home security system and see if or where your gaps are. Can you add window sensors? Can you add motion detection lights? What about cameras and a video system? A camera system can provide huge assistance to local law enforcement should a break-in take place or even vandalism on your property. It’s also a proven deterrent to burglars (studies show burglars avoid homes with cameras and look for easier targets).

3. Switch to Keyless Entry

Switching your traditional door locks to keyless electronic locks will make a world of difference to your home security. No need for hiding keys or making duplicate keys for contractors, baby or dog sitters, cleaning service, etc. With an electronic door lock you’ll be able to lock or unlock your door remotely. You can also give unique entry codes to people, limit access times, and then cancel the code when you need to.

Physical keys can be lost, duplicated, or not returned, making home security a little less secure. But, if you do choose traditional physical keys, make sure you keep a list of people who have a copy. If you have to hide one, use one of the clever hiding places people don’t think of.

4. Replace Batteries and Light Bulbs

Make sure to check and replace all batteries in your home, including smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Inspect any component of your home security alarms system requiring batteries; check and replace those too.

Should you have lights on a timer or outside motion detector lights, it’s also a good time to check that those bulbs are in working order. Replace any that seem dim or are burned out.

5. Be Social Media Wise

As a general practice, we know our information is not totally secure on social media platforms. We know not to share personal or banking information through those channels. We know to teach our kids the same and that people aren’t always who or what they say they are.

Understand that when we post things, we need to be social media savvy as to what information we may be giving out. Do you post photos or stories inside your home showing that new computer or other valuable item? Do your posts show your kids? Think about your background and what’s in your photos before posting them.

When we travel, it’s hard not to share that we’re enjoying a vacation or trip out of town. Inevitably, we post those travel photos when we’re there. In this way, we let people know that we’re not home or that our home is empty. It’s smarter to take all the photos of that fun vacation, but post them after you’ve arrived back home.

Other things to do:

  • Don’t “friend” people you don’t know and remove people you don’t know from your friends list.
  • Update your privacy settings.

California Metro Patrol

Remember, criminals will choose an easier target rather than risk entering a home or business that’s well-protected. If they see signs of a security system such as curb signage, cameras, and motion lighting. This new year, commit to these five simple home security resolutions and keep your family and home better protected.

With just a quick click, request a no-obligation quote today or you can call us at 888-788-0813. We look forward to helping you keep your home a sanctuary and your business secure.

Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year from your California Metro Patrol Team!

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