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Backyard Safety: Burglar-Proof Your Backyard
According to the United States Department of Justice, there are 2.5 million home burglaries annually in the United States (May 2021).
While making sure we’re safe inside, remember to protect your home’s exterior: your backyard, side yard or dog run, garden, storage shed, gazebo, garage, etc. Storing things in the backyard can be unavoidable – bikes, BBQs, toys, or tools; some things are always outside like patio furniture, or sports equipment. Any of these items are targets for thieves, or things that turn thieves into home burglars.
The following tips can help burglar-proof your backyard.
Lights deter most burglars – they want to gain entry to your home and get out without being detected. The more well-lit in your backyard, garden, or pool area is, the safer you make your property. Motion sensor lights are efficient and eliminate full-time outdoor lighting in securing your backyard.
Install motion sensor lighting around your home, stairs, in cornered areas, decks and patios, over garage doors, and in your backyard. They add another layer of security. The lights suddenly flooding the area surprises burglars and gives you better imaging on your security cameras.
Ideally, install motion sensor lights about 6 to 10 feet above the ground.
Strategically placed surveillance cameras around your home give burglars a good reason not to target your property. Sources report that 60 percent of burglars looked for a surveillance system before entering a home. Having a security camera, motion sensor lighting, and other security layers help to take your home off a criminal’s list.
Many people keep grills, tools, sports equipment, or patio furniture out year-round. If your garage is full and your property has the space, consider adding a shed to store ladders, gardening tools, bikes, lawn mower, or other equipment. Secure the shed with a heavy-duty lock; you may want to install a security camera on your shed as well. If a shed is not an option, you can still protect your property from thieves:
  • Lock things up. Lock up your ladders, BBQs, bicycles and other items with cables and a heavy duty padlock. Keep in mind, it’s always best to store ladders in a shed or garage so it can’t be used to gain entry to a second-story window.
  • Put tools away. Burglars can use putty knives, screwdrivers, hammers, shovels or trowels, crowbars, etc. to gain entry to your home. After a day of work, take time and secure your tools in a locked garage or shed.
  • Secure patio furniture. Most patio furniture is out and unprotected. Protect your property by securing them with steel cables and locks. Minimally, keep them covered – this protects them from roaming eyes, as well as weathering, mold or mildew. If you have the space, store your furniture when not in use.
An alarm system is one of the best layers for theft and burglary prevention. Remember, burglars look for easy targets; they’ll most likely move on if they see signs that your home has a security system.
Unfortunately, you can’t install an alarm system for your yard and garden, but you can use this security layer on your windows and any sliding doors, back or side doors, or garage entrances.
Shrubs and Landscaping
Plant shrubs under or near a window to deter criminals from gaining entry to your home from lower windows. Planting roses or other thorny plants near your windows minimizes the possible use of these entry and exit points.
Discourage criminals from using your landscaping to their advantage. Overgrown landscaping and shrubs provides easy hiding places – trim back large plants that block windows or doors.
Consider a Fence
A fence gives you privacy, making it difficult for people to see what’s on your property, as well as making it difficult to enter your property; but it can also pose a problem by providing a natural cover for an intruder.
Wrought iron fencing can be a successful type of fence because it addresses making it difficult for someone to break through or climb; creating a visual deterrent; providing visibility into your backyard while being aesthetically pleasing. The fencing should also have a securing mechanism like a self-closing lock or latch. Further, most locks will hook through this mechanism.
Of course, fencing itself is a matter of your aesthetics and the harmony of your home and property. When choosing a security fence for your property, keep in mind that there may be height restrictions along the roadway and other borders of your property line. A good place to start research is the Municode site for Pasadena: 17.40.180 – Walls and Fences.
Visual Deterrents
Make sure burglars know your home is protected by a security system and company with visible signage. Visual deterrents give would-be burglars a warning that your home will be difficult to burglarize.
  • Security signage. A curb sign from CMP is the first indication a criminal will see that your home will be a difficult target. Prominently placed signs or stickers on or near your doors or windows and in your backyard, serve as further warning to criminals. You can also find signs saying, ”Smile, You’re on Camera” or ”Security Camera in Use”.
  • Visible cameras. Sometimes camera placement is discreet; often it is more effective for home security when their placement is as visible as possible. Install cameras at your doors (front, back, garage), the walkways around your home, and other property areas such as decks, patios, gardens, sheds, and pools, are strategic places to install security cameras.
Visual deterrents from the curb of your property to the cameras and lights above your doors and the alarm system inside your home – we believe these comprehensive layers of security give you the best home security possible.

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Remember there are vulnerabilities in your backyard and around your home that can attract thieves and burglars. Taking steps to ensure a higher degree of security can make your home less of a target to criminals.

So what’s the next step? Click for a no-obligation quote – we’ll help you design and install a security system that fits your needs and keeps your yard area safe. Or call us at 888-788-0813. Your backyard can be a vulnerable entry point – we look forward to helping you keep your home safe and sound.


Take pictures of your outdoor belongings such as grills, fire pits,
toys, outdoor decor or anything valuable that could be stolen.
If you ever need to file an insurance claim,
this visual documentation is vital.

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