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Your Business Needs Security Patrol Services
Here’s Why...

A private security patrol services, like California Metro Patrol, upgrades your business security in your company and on its property. Your customers and clients feel safer doing business with you. Your employees feel peace of mind being at work and that their employer is invested in them personally. Ideally, we recommend several layers of security for your business, each one playing a role for a comprehensive security system. But what does security patrol service involve?

What is a Security Patrol?

California Metro Patrol’s security patrol is a part of the security services we offer. We are a private, licensed, bonded, and insured security company; our security officers are highly trained in patrol duties, customer service, and emergency response. They are also trained in using the protective gear they carry.

Our uniformed security officers use professionally identifiable patrol vehicles to monitor your business, commercial property, warehouse, construction site, or fleet lot. Generally, security patrols are conducted randomly within a time period of your choosing at the frequency of your choosing. We also check and secure locks, gates, perimeters, or wherever you need a patrol. Our patrol schedule is 24/7, 365, so random patrols can be conducted at night and on weekends and holidays.

Who Uses Security Patrol?

Any business or commercial property owner  has the use and need for security patrol. When you have any goods, inventory, people or property to protect, you need a patrol service. This is part of security that provides proactive property safety and security as well as a deterrent to crimes to your property such as trespassing, theft, and vandalism.

  • Businesses owners or commercial property owners or managers with inventory equipment, and vehicles
  • Owners of vacant properties
  • Vacation home owners or seasonal property owners: periodic exterior and perimeter checks for animal, break-ins, vandalism, and weather damage.
  • Owners of other private property such as boats, heavy equipment, RVs, or fleet vehicles
  • Construction site managers (large and small projects)
How Does Security Patrol Improve Business Security?
  • Enhances Employee Safety
    Usually, when you see a police or security vehicle, you feel a little safer. You know someone is there who will intervene should anything happen. Your employees have a greater sense of security and peace of mind about their safety knowing they are protected. Working during hours of darkness, or walking through a parking lot or garage can cause some anxiety but with security in place, people feel safer.
  • Visible Deterrent
    The visibility factor of security patrol is a strong deterrent for criminals with malicious intent and crimes of opportunity such as graffiti, vandalism, property damage.Usually, security patrol vehicles and their uniformed officers are highly visible even at a distance. Criminals are less likely to trespass to commit crime if they know your business is being watched and secured by patrols. They will skip your business and look for a less risky victim. This is true even for those criminals planning a crime. Security patrols are mobile and random; this means they respond quickly and can cover a large area.
  • Keep and Eye on Out-of-Sight Locations
    Every building – business, commercial or residential – has areas of vulnerability; these are areas that can’t be seen or are hidden or unfenced or are dark and isolated.After those areas are determined with a security assessment, security patrol officers are able to physically get to those places and survey the security. They can check locks in those places, secure doors and windows, ensure fences and chains are in place, etc.
  • Rapid Emergency Response
    Whether a burglary, fire, earthquake or other natural disaster, saving loss of life and property during an emergency required rapid response. California Metro Patrol’s security officers on patrol are able to respond as quickly as possible with our unique Rapid Response Program. We work closely with local emergency services in order to augment response time and auxiliary services needed.
Security Guards and Patrol Services
Security guards do more than patrol homes and businesses. Their vehicles and uniforms are visual deterrents which increases overall safety and security. They are also trained to be observant of anything or anyone suspicious or out of place; they report and record property damage; check perimeter and buildings for any breaches. . .as well as provide customer service and assistance to emergency services if directed. Security patrol is just one of the layers of services California Metro Patrol provides.

CMP Patrol: Making Your Business Secure

We look forward to discussing your business and commercial property security needs today. California Metro Patrol founders and officers are part of the Pasadena and San Gabriel community. We live, work, and play here. We can spot what’s routine and what isn’t.

Making your business secure and decreasing your risk is what we do best. Let’s talk soon!

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